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The LEI Code - Legal Entity Identifier – is a unique code that identifies a legal entity and it can be used as an international register number for an enterprise. It is also mandatory for enterprises that negotiate with financial securities, because every negotiation done within the market will be linked to another counterpart as a LEI Code. Regulators, such as Central Banks, use it to supervise financial markets, the LEI connects financial markets, enterprises and regulators. The data from Legal Entities related to the LEI are free of charge and are accessible in the GLEIF database. The issuing of a LEI is conducted by LOU and accredited by GLEIF - Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation. Approved by the countries of the G20 and created by the Financial Stability Board.

LEI Structure

The Legal Entity Identifier consists on a combination of 20 numbers and letters (for example 984500DC799E65AF8A17) and follows the ISO 17442 guidelines. The first four numbers identify who issues the LEI code, the next two numbers always have a value equal to zero, the next 12 are unique numbers/letters from each entity and the last two numbers are used for verification.

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